Not Again Grandpa!

When I awoke this morning I made my way sleepily into the living room to sit down and enjoy some quality cartoons and cereal. When I looked up from wiping the sleep from my eyes I saw that Grandpa had fallen asleep on the couch again. After I scooted him to the side I plopped down and realized that i was sitting in a nasty smelly wet spot…icky. Grandpa did it again! I poked him awake and handed him his teeth so that I could understand what the man was saying and I asked him what the deal was. He just can’t get up in time, which stinks for me because I have to clean it up. Do I spank him with the newspaper and rub his nose in it? No I won’t do that. I am, however, running to the store right away for some adult nappies! There’s the answer to my wet problems!

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