She Found A Solution

Arleneia Olson woke up one day recently and decided to give up eating foods that were acidic or full of fat.

Instead of eating bacon, eggs and grapefruit for breakfast, she started eating a baked potato and a spinach smoothie for her morning meal.

For lunch, Arleneia started eating broccoli, pickled cauliflower and watercress. For dinner, she began consuming turnips, cashew nuts and eggplant.

After a couple of weeks of eating her new alkaline diet, Arleneia was feeling lethargic and was constantly hungry. Arleneia wanted to eat a healthy diet, but she also wanted to eat foods that tasted good.

One night, a solution presented itself. Arleneia decided to go back to eating pizzas, hot dogs and tacos on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. On the other days of the week, she would continue to eat the healthy foods.

Now Arleneia is trying to figure out what to do about dessert.

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Not Again Grandpa!

When I awoke this morning I made my way sleepily into the living room to sit down and enjoy some quality cartoons and cereal. When I looked up from wiping the sleep from my eyes I saw that Grandpa had fallen asleep on the couch again. After I scooted him to the side I plopped down and realized that i was sitting in a nasty smelly wet spot…icky. Grandpa did it again! I poked him awake and handed him his teeth so that I could understand what the man was saying and I asked him what the deal was. He just can’t get up in time, which stinks for me because I have to clean it up. Do I spank him with the newspaper and rub his nose in it? No I won’t do that. I am, however, running to the store right away for some adult nappies! There’s the answer to my wet problems!

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